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I was applying for a new mortgage and when my Experian credit report was pulled there were six entries on my credit report from the same collection agency that were posted in February.
I had never heard of the company nor do I have a clue what the entries are for. I don't ever recall receiving a collection letter or call from this company. The total dollar amount owed is next to nothing, 2 of the entries are for $22 each and the other four are for $12 each.
Do I send a debt verification letter or just pay the $92 and let it go? I've tried calling the number listed on my Experian report and it is not valid.

I would dispute right away with Experian.. paying them will not remove from your credit report! And you can show the loan company that your are applying with your proof of dispute..

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HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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I have had no luck in the past disputing anything with credit bureaus. even when I've had letters from the CA explaining that they did not own the debt and it should not be there. The CA never removed it and the bureau always verified it. The bureau told me I was not disputing it right.

Any direction on how to dispute these entries?

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Maximus Maximus

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I would dispute as not yours!

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HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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What is the name of the CA??? Have you tried googling them???

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Revenue Recovery Corporation.

When I googled and found their website, they have recently moved location and have a new phone number.

They appear to be primarily a medical collection company from the complaints against them with the BBB.

I called them and they told me that I had accounts that were sent to them from our doctor.

I asked them for treatment dates of the six items they have listed and they will not give them to me. I am sure all of these have been paid, we always have to pay a co-pay at our physician and I don't recall ever seeing any bills from them or them ever saying that we had a past due balance on any other visits.

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Maximus Maximus

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