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hello,i wanna try and make a charge off acount current any one here do this and how did it work out .does it make the credit score better,its with citifinancial.

It depends on whether or not they still "own" the account. Charge off usually means they sold it off to someone else...

I'd call them directly and see what they are willing to do. Sometimes they are willing to settle for less than owed balance or make payment arrangements - if the account is still in their internal collections.

But chances are charge off means someone else owns the account now, and they will send you off to talk to a JDB or CA.

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Shayla Shayla

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there is section of credit reporting acting which charge off debt can be removed from your credit which section of the act speaks to this.

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Per FCRA, derogatory information can be reported for 7 years + 180 days from date of first default.

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