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I hope my review is helpful to anyone who feels overwhelmed by their credit file and who has read there is no such thing as "credit repair." There is, and Royalfinancialrescue is a fantastic resource in this regard. . Lexington law is probably government owned, used to further misguide people about credit. Keeping the poor poorer & the rich richer, paying on time doesn't really matter when the people who work for evil gain are the ones who say who is credit worthy & who isn't. I pay my debts on time but trash like bad rating keeps me from getting what I need. I now see why it's so hard for the rich to get into heaven. They spend their whole lives oppressing the poor. That’s why I went radical with my credit repair approach after years of DIY. I fixed a whooping 121 points jump in 2 months. It was hard dealing with collection agencies alone.
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Hi Felicia!

Thanks for posting in the debtcc forum. We appreciate your efforts. Hats off to you that only in 2 months you have made the impossible possible. You are incredible to make a 121 point jump only in 2 months!

Best wishes to you & keep posting!

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