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Is there any way to drop a negative item from the credit report?

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Is there any way to drop a negative item from the credit report before time? Will it help if I try to add positive items?

The negative listing will stay for 7 years in your credit report.

But, if you believe that the listings are not correct, you can dispute them. In that case, review your credit reports closely. Find the mistakes, gather documentation that proves your claim and writes a letter to the credit bureau mentioning your name, address, and SSN with the explanation for your dispute.

Or, you can contact your creditor directly regarding the error and ask them to take action.

See, if the negative listing is there in your report, it will hit your score. Try to fix them as soon as possible to get back your credit health.

To add a positive item, make payments on time and don't ever cross your credit limit.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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If the negative item is accurate, it's not possible to remove it before a certain period. What you can do is add positive items to your credit report; with time, the negativity will cause less effect.

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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As Patricia said, you can start the process with sending a dispute letter to the credit agencies. But before that you must check below mentioned things closely from your credit report, just to be sure everything is alright:

*Account number
*Date opened
*Account status
*Payment status
*High Balance
*Credit Limit
*Anything else that looks fishy

If you find any error, then proceed to the next steps :)

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Barbara Delinsky Barbara Delinsky

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You have to follow a different strategy. Credit reporting agencies won't agree to remove accurate negative information from your credit report. This is because credit reporting agencies can easily prove that the information is accurate. So, you can try to negotiate for a pay for delete agreement with your creditors. You can offer to pay off the past due account in full in exchange for having the negative listing deleted from your credit report.

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