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Equifax wants me to "prove" gibberish address

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Equifax has an address on file for me which amounts to gibberish - " RR1 RR1 Box ".

They sent me a letter saying that I can have my credit report as soon as I send them the standard "one proof from the IDENTIFICATION column and one proof from the ADDRESS column" in their list of acceptable documentation. --
showing the gibberish address....

Will sending them the requested documentation showing my REAL (for the last 17 years) address do any good?

Has anyone else had experience with this type of nonsense?

Any and all guidance will be appreciated...

Thanks - notyour

RR= Rural Route

Send them a copy of your DL and a current utility bill. If, however, a tradeline has been opened with the RR1 address, then that info will have to be updated with the creditor and then the CRA.

Sub: #1 posted on Mon, 08/04/2008 - 17:27

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My real address IS a "rural route" address, but I have never used anything but "Route 1" then my box number - I was just a bit stumped by the "need to prove" that I live at an address that looks like a typo...and which I have never personally used...

I will go ahead & send them copies of my drivers license (from the "ADDRESS menu" of accepted proof) and a copy of my social security card (my only option from the accepted proofs in the "IDENTIFICATION menu") of the letter that they sent.

I just remember that: years ago, I tried sending credit reporting agencies some documentation to prove a situation, and they returned it all, with a letter which stated that they couldn't accept information from me - they could only accept information from the people who gave them the incorrect info in the first place....
I just didn't want to waste time & resources going through THAT little dance, again, if there was another approach that I should be taking....

Perhaps on that previous occasion they were referring - in some obtuse fashion - to the concept you mentioned of correcting address info with any trade line, first. In THAT case, since there was a discrepancy, the company that provided the faulty info had NO interest in correcting it...
...In this current situation, I have no knowledge of ever having used that address permutation, or ever receiving mail (except the Equifax letter) addressed in that fashion.
(I suspect that if I lived in a more populated and progressive area, where the mail carrier was not a neighbor who had the job for twenty-some years, the Equifax letter might have been returned as "undeliverable", due to it's lacking enough info to be a "real address"....)

Thanks fo the advice - notyour

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Thanks again for the advice, nascardevil...

THAT little deed is done.

I wrote a nice letter, suggesting that the address they prefer is, perhaps, a typographical error of some nature, and pointing out that it is actually an undeliverable address fragment.
I mentioned that I have been at my "real" address since 1991.
I included color copies of my two pieces of documentation which they had requested, and sent it by registered mail.

Hopefully they will accept my "proofs" of identity and address, and see the wisdom in the things I mentioned.

I'll post a result whenever it happens, in the event this little thread might be helpful to someone else...


Sub: #3 posted on Wed, 08/06/2008 - 14:09

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