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Due to lack of credit in 2008 I purchased a car from a "buy here pay here" place. The car had a system in it that if the payment wasn't made on time the car wouldn't start, I went to leave for work one day after having the car for about 6 mths and it wouldn't turn over. Of course the "limited warranty" I purchased was very limited and I went through hell...I ended up having the car towed and having someone look at it who determined that this system they had in the car fried wires. They asked me to fax paperwork to show that the mechanic stated this and how much repairs were etc and nothing, they still expected me to pay. To this day it's on my credit report and it says it will remain until 2016. Is there anything I can do about this??

You still had to pay the car note...that is totally seperate from the repair bill.

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The problem was that the whole car needed to be rewired due to the system they had in place. Is that not the same o similar as a lemon?

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That would have nothing to do with the note....repairs would be a seperate issue and you could have sued them for that. Obviously now it is too late for that since you probably dont have the car anymore.

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