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How I gained extra POINTS earlier this year?

Submitted by Corey Fitts on Thu, 04/15/2021 - 05:50

Earlier this year I was trying to gain a few more points to get my middle mortgage score up to 680
I was not sure what I can do, if anything, to push it up some more.
I'd paid for delete on all my collections, and they've been removed from Experian. I was waiting for them to come off Transunion. Equifax has dismissed them as well, but I have two previous medical collections that are on there. For $182 and $30, I disputed these with TU and EX over a year ago, and they were removed. They had been paid before they showed up on my credit. But I didn't have access to dispute with Equifax until recently.

The only other bad I have on my credit was a late payment from 1/2020 when my autopay didn't come out correctly with Fingerhut, and I had no luck getting them to the goodwill it.
And an old Verizon account that's charged off from 2015. I heard they won't do PFD, so should I leave it alone?

I had student loans discharged for $4750, bringing that overall balance down, but they didn't update those to paid! They were discharged in February and hadn't been updated since January. The ones not paid were updated every month, so I just didn't know how to get those updated correctly and even affect my mortgage scores?

My scores at the time were at 562/547/570. Then I got the contact of credit experts. They were able to fix all the negatives on my report and boost my score up to 748/712/764.

Hi Corey!

My suggestion is as your situation is complicated, you may contact an experienced attorney.

You can call this number 800-DEBT-913 once.

Calling in this number will prove to be fruitful for you.

Submitted by Ryan Miller on Sun, 04/18/2021 - 20:54

Ryan Miller

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