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Short story long. After my daughter graduated from college and before she started work (seven years ago), I had to co-sign a credit card application for her to get a Credit Union issued credit card. The information was transferred to a credit reporting company. The information on my current credit report from one of the three credit reporting companies now shows my daughter's residence at that time as one of my former (?) residences. I never lived at the address listed as a former (?) residence.I previously called the credit reporting company and the problem wasn't corrected. The Credit Union that supplied the information to the credit reporting company says it's not their fault, it's just something a computer program does that they can't fix, and it dosen't impact my credit score anyway so why worry.Question? Would you let the error remain on the report? Should I attempt to correct the error and how much effort would you be willing to expend to get the error off the credit report?

Please help.

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A mistake is a mistake. You shouldn't let the error remain on your credit report no matter what happens. You should certainly try to rectify the error on your credit report.

Use this sample letter:

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Yes, I agree with SC. You should try to rectify the error in your credit report. To do so, pull your credit reports, highlight the concerned portion, and send it to the respective bureau with a copy to the concerned organization. Usually, they are supposed to investigate the dispute within 30 days of receiving the complaint. Send your dispute letter through a registered post with a return receipt request. Doing so, you have document that you can produce later if required.

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Your creditors may report the address associated with an account (your daughter's credit card) that has your name on it.
You are a cosigner on that account. So the address of your daughter with whom you are sharing the responsibility for the credit card may appear on your report.
If you want to remove it, first you need to contact your creditor (here it is Credit Union) to rectify the wrong address. But as you've said they can't do it, you need to contact the credit bureau to fix the error.

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