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Hi guys,

for a long time i didn't have any problems with my credit score. But recently i had to open up a new credit card for important and after that i got an email saying that my credit score dropped. Any way to fix it?

Did you check your credit report recently? If no, then pull your credit report and check thoroughly.

If you find any error, then dispute it. Also be regular on your bill payments. Pay the bills in full and within time.

Also staying within your credit limit is necessary. Crossing the credit limit can drop your score.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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While granting your request for a new credit card, the issuers often checks your credit history, which is regarded as hard inquiry. It can drop your score to some extent. However, there may be other reasons, too.
So, it's better you check your credit reports and dispute errors, if any.
If it's for the hard inquiry, with time, it'll be ok. Just keep adding positive items to your report, such as paying the bills on time, staying within 30% of your credit limit, and so on.

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Mabelle Page Mabelle Page

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You need to check your credit report asap. Dispute errors if you can find any.
Sometimes opening too much credit account may also hurt your score. It is because multiple hard inquiries also add up when you shop for credit cards in different credit card providers.
You should concentrate on paying off your bills on time. If possible use credit as low as possible.

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