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Has anyone ever heard of a company called GoFreeCredit dot com?

I received an email from them today, I went to their website and they are advertising:
free unlimited access to your credit report for 60 days online, automatic notifications of changes to your credit report, a detailed personal analysis, and details of who has reviewed your report.

small print: By ordering a free credit report, you will automatically be enrolled in a 30 day free trial of credit monitoring. You will receive automatic notifications of changes to your credit report. You will be billed $12.95 for each month that you continue your membership if you do not cancel your membership within the trial period. You may cancel anytime - there is no obligation.

does anyone have any feedback on them, good, bad, indifferent?

Not much different than TrueCredit or Privacy Matters. You're not getting a real FICO score only a FAKO. The only place to get your true FICO is Very pricey though.

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more than $12.95 a month?

Does myfico dot com offer a free trial, and do they do credit monitoring or do they just offer you a one-shot fico score?

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smo65d11 smo65d11

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I use GoFreeCredit - I like it because you get the Free Report and the score is a real credit bureau score (mine was Transunion).

Plus, i had a credit card stolen before, and I didnt know it. The monitoring protection emails you if any changes happen on your report or score, and emailed me when someone tried to open a card using my info.

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MyFICO Score Watch gives you a 30 day trial but it's an $89.95 annual fee after that. It only gives you the EQ FICO and I think you can pull all 3 for $10.95
www(dot)myfico(dot)com/products/scorewatch/freetrial.aspx?AID=10436265&a mp;PID=2195828

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I have heard about free but never tried it, After looking at the response i think i must go for it.

bill consolidation [Link made inactive as per forum rules-Jason]

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Nascar so instead of a monthly fee of $12.95 (or whatever the average monthly fee is) you have to cough up the full year which averages out to be about $7.50 a month, do I have that correct?

And even with that, you only get the equifax score? Or is the Equifax score only available in the free trial, but all three available with the full year?

or am I really confused?

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this is my first post btw, hello everyone! I came across this and yes, I tried Go Free recently. i thought it was easy and I liked getting my score fast.

we were buying a house so I got my credit score directly from a credit bureau and they matched up exactly to what I saw on GoFreeCredit. it turns out the use your credit history and score from one of the bureaus, but you get it for free!

i guess i chose gofreecredit because they had the longest monitoring trial, which was pretty cool.
hope that helps.

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I never got a link to where I can login to my account. I saw somewhere online that I should go to to login, but when I called, they said that they are not affiliated with gofreecredit. Does anybody know gofreecredit's phone number? The number I have is 1800-883-3309 and 1800-720-4420 (they both go to What is the link where I can log in? Thanks alot!

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i would like to know my credit score

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Unregistered is the only one giving you your real score. If you really want to get a handle on your credit, it's the way to go.

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