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Does divorce affect credit report? Will my credit score drop? Or, will it increase?

A credit report or credit score doesn't get affected by the divorce proceedings. Rather, if you're getting divorced, your credit history and the credit score might get affected by the financial problems due to having a joint credit account. Do you have a joint credit account with your partner?

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tiarajoseph11 tiarajoseph11

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Hi Aimee,
Divorce doesn’t affect credit report as such. However, divorce may hurt your credit in few ways. First of all, if you have joint accounts and your ex-spouse is supposed to pay some amount but he doesn’t make the necessary payments, then your credit may get hurt. To ensure this doesn’t happen, what you can do is make the necessary payments if your ex-spouse doesn’t do so. Your ex-spouse can use the joint credit card and you also become liable to pay the outstanding dues. If the payments are not made, your credit score can get hurt. So, it is better to remove your ex-spouse from your joint credit accounts. Talk amongst yourselves, decide and do the needful before filing divorce. It will help you both.

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