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Suggest me a way to increase my credit score from 500 to 600

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Have too many negative listings on my credit report. What should I do? Have 90 late payments on my credit report and 2 delinquent student loans. My credit score is 520. Can you suggest me a cway to improve it? Do you know a reliable credit repair agency or a good book on credit repair?

You don't need a book on credit repair. You can read the threads in this forum. You'll get tons of information on credit repair and credit score.

What a professional can do, you can do that too. In fact, you can do it better.

I'm not not shocked. You have 90 late payments dude. What do you expect? Start paying off your debts one by one.

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I think you meant, you are 90 days late on your payments on your credit cards.

See, some creditors report 90 days late payments to the credit bureaus, that damage credit score severely. Whereas some creditors prefer to sell the accounts to the debt collection agency for collection after 60-90 days of no payment or late payment.

So, my suggestion is, don't be late. Try to talk to the creditors as soon as possible to get a better repayment option. Convince them by sharing your financial hardship or proper reason for not making the payments.
If you delay, then you may get collection calls from the debt collectors. After 180 days of no payments or late payments, your accounts can get charged off.

If you start paying off your debts and make payments of your bill regularly, then your score will automatically improve with time.

You don't need credit repair agency to repair your score. It is better to get rid of your debts on your own.

If your student loans are private, then start following the debt snowball method to repay your debts.
In this process, you need to arrange your debts from smallest to largest irrespective of the interest rate.
After that, start making larger payments to the smallest debt while paying the minimum to the rest of the debts.

Follow this method until you pay off your all debts.
However, to follow this strategy, you should have good cash flow.

What is your current income status? Share your response to get more detailed help.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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90 days means you were late for full 3 months!! Amazing!!!
Do you have any Idea that the late payments might stay on your credit reports for 7 years and impact your credit scores as much as 90 to 110 points?
Defaulted student loan accounts will also stay for 7 years and affect your score.
Your credit score is now 520, if you were regular on your payment, your score would have gone higher.
You must start repaying your debts asap, talk to your creditors and collection agency to sort out a repayment option.

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tiarajoseph11 tiarajoseph11

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First of all, try to be current on your loans. Then, try to repay your unsecured debts asap.

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Mabelle Page Mabelle Page

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here's my story: I travel 4 days a week to work on a oil rig and me and my family wanted to get our own home. i called a mortgage company and they told me that my credit score was to low. my wife tried working on it but it was taking too long and we ran out of patience. i am not saying that you can't do it on your own. i am saying that we didn't have time. my lender referred me a credit repair company that specialized in getting peoples credit better so they can get a home loan. they even had some attorney to help do some things. long story short.. i am a homeowner and i would pay that company again!

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Please post after registering in forums.

. i am a homeowner and i would pay that company again!

So what happened? Have you qualified for a mortgage? Is your credit score good now? Is the company really good? You need to have a minimum credit score of 580 for obtaining a FHA mortgage. I guess the company has helped to get this credit score by this time. Isn't it? How much are you paying to them by the way?

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Well, it is great that the credit repairing company helped you to build a good credit score. But, I would suggest to try to build credit on your own. Because there are many companies who claims they can help people to build their credit fast, but most of them are the scam. They make false promise to grab money from people. Just pay your monthly bills on time and stay within your credit limit. So, check your credit report and make sure there is no negative listing. If you find mistakes, dispute them. Rebuilding credit health takes time, there is no shortcut.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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This guy is awesome! When I first heard about this kind of service, I did not know what to think. Computerspyexperts was a great help in finding the right path for me to get my credit boosted so I can apply for A home loan. After just 72 hours, I woke up one morning and checked my credit score and it had went up 261 points! I highly recommend (COMPUTERSPYEXPERTS at GMAIL dot COM), they offer the best services

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