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So I have an old judgement on my CR. It has expired with the courts, was not renewed so is no longer enforceable. It is scheduled to drop off of my CR in December. This old judgement is pretty much the only deliquency that I have on my credit at this point so I'm wondering how much I can expect my score to increase. I did some Googling and found estimates of anywhere from 50-150 points. I'm ideally looking for personal experiences with judgements but any expert opinions on what I can expect are welcome as well.

Credit scoring is not an exact science and it would be pretty hard to tell EXACTLY by how much your score would go up. Personally, I believe the rough estimate would be somewhere around 70-120 points.

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From my experience, getting a judgment removed from your credit report your score will go up by at least a 100 points depending on the amount and the type of debt the judgment was for.

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I would say go to the FICO website. There may be info and tools on there to help you calculate your new credit score. Of course, after the time when this negative mark drops off you could also get a free copy of your credit report and/or get access to your new credit score. Then, you would know for sure and wouldn't have to guess.

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