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how do u stop companies looking at my credit report without my permission?

You could freeze your credit reports through a simple request put to the three big agencies that give your CRA. For better details visit the site mycreditdetail and I'm sure you'll find great tips.

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If companies are looking at your credit reports and doing FULL (that affect your credit score) inquiries without your permission, you can dispute those inquiries and I believe legal action can be taken against those who are ordering your reports without your permission. Now if they are credit card companies doing pre-screened views for offers, etc, that is not the same as someone actually pulling your credit.

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You have the option of Opting out that will keep advertisers from doing soft pulls on your reports to market products and services to you. Almost every state also allows you to freeze your reports to keep new creditors form accessing your reports. However, if they area already reporting they can still review your reports since they have permissable purpose and CA's that are collecting and Junk Debt Buyers that but charged off debt would still be able to post tradelines to your reports as well as pull INQ's.

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