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Hello, I have recently discovered that i have a few medical bills that were sold to collections on my credit report. They have been there less than two years. Of course getting worked up about this, i spoke with a creditor and made a 250 dollar payment to a total balance of about 3 grand. I Just want this off of my credit report. Even though i made this small payment, can i send them a letter telling them that they are not legally allowed to access my credit report without my permission and to remove these accounts off of it? or will i need to settle. I cannot make these payments anytime soon as i have a lot of financial responsibilities currently, and this has lowered my credit score a great deal and i need it off asap. Do you have a quick solution or less time consuming one to get this off of my credit report? That would be good if that letter to remove those accounts off of my report would suffice. I would still want to pay off the debt, but do not want it on my credit report.

There is no quick solution to get this off from your credit report. It will be there on your credit report for 7 years. Which collection agency are you talking about by the way? I found this piece of information from nerdwallet. Read it carefully.

The FICO 8, the credit scoring model most lenders rely on, treats paid and unpaid collections accounts the same. (The FICO 9 and the VantageScore 3.0, on the other hand, disregard collections accounts that have been paid.) This means that paying off the bill likely won’t help your credit score — although it will get the bill collector off your back and remove the risk of being sued.

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The listing will be on your credit report for 7 years. You have to wait.

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Once your accounts belong to collections, they'll remain in your credit report for full 7 yrs. Have patience, and try to pay off the bests asap.

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Why don't you add some positive information in your credit report? It will reduce the effect of negative items.

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