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My daughter has several medical bills that were sent to collection agencies listed on her credit report. Would it be to her advantage to pay these off? What impact do they actually have on your credit score? I believe they were for deductibles/co-pays.

I know, I know - she should have paid them years ago, but she's been living on a shoestring - but things are getting better for her.

I just don't want to go through all the hassle if it's not going to make a significant different in her credit score which was wrecked when she was married.

Is it worth it?:confused:

If she owes the money, why question if she should pay them. Of course she should.
This forum advocated paying your debts.

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Yes if she have money to pay them, Then after she pay them by cash they will remove this bills from credit report. Contact your nearest credit report beuro.

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gunz.ijjistaff gunz.ijjistaff

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No, paying a debt does NOT remove them from a credit report. Creditors can continue to report for the entire reporting SOL.

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Some places will garnish you for unpaid medical bills depending on the amount. My cousin is actually being garnished right now for a $478 medical bill that was sent to collections. Even if she can't pay them in full, she should try to send small payments as she can...every little bit will help. She can even contact the collection agency to see about payment arrangements.

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PinkLady PinkLady
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Eventually I will pay them, as I have her Power of Attorney for finances. However, she just got back to work after being out on disability for 3 months and hospitalized; has 2 special needs children and is separated from her husband.

I am prioritizing paying back the creditors. Rent first, car payment etc. I pulled her credit report yesterday and saw these old collections. As I want to clean up her credit (before I croak) I wanted to know if was better to do it sooner than later. Eventually they WILL be paid. I was unaware of them until yesterday.

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