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Hi All,

I just print out my credit report from experian today. I notice two tradelines with the same balance but different creditors/CA.

1. Chase
Past Due $7849.00
Payment Status 180 days
Account Status Closed
Date Opened 3/1/2006
Comments Transferred to another lender or claim purchased

Payment History line showed that from 8/2008 120 all the way to Jul/2010 OK.

2. Midland Funding
Past Due $7849.00
Account Status Closed
Date Opened 6/1/2010
Payment Status Seriously past due date/ assign to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department
Comments Blank

Payment History line showed from 8/2010 KD to 6/2012 KD.

It seem like the same debt and Chase sold it to Midland?

What can I do at this point? Can I dispute to Experian and have them remove one?
Please advise on the best step to take. I am hoping getting one remove can increase my score.

Appreciate the help.
Thanks in advance.

This is how charged off and sold accounts report....both creditors can legally report for the full 7 years of the reporting SOL. Chase is valid...HOWEVER...Midland looks like it has re-aged the account....the open date should be the date of first deliquency that chase is reporting. That one you should be able to dispute.

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