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Medical Bills - Negotiate - Remove from Credit Report

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What a great forum. I have searched, read and absorbed as much as I can but still have a few questions.

I am recently divorced and have numerous medical bills that went unpaid and are on my credit report. They are from 2-5 years old. I have several with NCO, Consumer Collection, and a couple others I cant remember off the top of my head.

Here is my question. I was thinking of making contact with each one of the agencies with a summary of of the debts (that I know of from my CR). I presume that I will first have them validate. There may also be ones that they have but are not on my CR yet as well. Agree on the set of accounts and then come up with a lump sum (or few payments plan agreement) negotiation. So far am I on track?

Lastly, with the negotiations of the settlement should I push to have them fully remove it from my credit report or just settle / ask for "Paid as Agreed". I wasn't sure if it was any different since they were medical bills. I understand that the medical companies themselves cant file with credit bureaus, but the collection agencies can.

Thanks in advance to everyone for all of the great post's out there.

If it was me, (and only after receiving DV), I would definitely push for removal from your credit report.

Settling will let you pay less, but some companies will hold onto them with their dying breath and will NOT remove them from your credit report, which will affect your score just as much if not more than them just sitting there unpaid. That was my experience anyway.

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Also, I would check and see if the debts are still owned by the original service provider. If they still own it, contact them and see if they will pull it back from the CA and you pay them directly.

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