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Does Pay for Delete option actually work? Will the creditor be convinced to do that?

Pay for delete options works if you have a good relation with your creditor. If you have always made timely payments to creditors, then the creditor may agree for a pay for delete option. Honestly speaking, creditors don't get any benefit in this option. So why would they be interested in this option unless they don't want to lose a loyal customer?

How much do you owe by the way? Give us more details. Go to the letters section in this forum and download the pay for delete letter. You'll get an idea.

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How much debt you have right now? Do you normally make payments on time? How's your relationship with the creditor? As SC said earlier, you can send a pay for delete letter to the creditor. But your chance of success will be high if you are dealing with a collection agency, not a creditor.

Sub: #2 posted on Thu, 05/24/2018 - 03:46

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Did you check the SOL of your debt? If the time is close, and the collector is trying to convince you to settle the debts, then you can ask them for "Pay for delete option". and if you are dealing with a creditor, then you just need to send the letter requesting for "pay for delete" option.

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