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I am 70 on ss. I have $24589 cc debt. I owe my brother $6500 back rent (it's his house). If I get the cc's (there are 7) to settle at 20%, pay my brother, pay those 1099 and the tax on the inheritance, that will leave me about $2000 to finance a move to a low income sr. citizen apt. Should I tell all that to those I attempt to settle with? My credit history is immaculate up until now. I plan to start the procedure in June, begin negotiations in Aug and make lump sum payments in Nov. Is this a reasonable plan?

This is a reasonable plan, and you're on the right track.There is no need to narrate the entire story of how much you'll save to your creditors.They would obviously want to get as much money as they can from you.What do you think? If you tell them that you would save this amount of money, they would agree to reduce your debt amount? Never.

if you need more help and advice, then call 800-DEBT-913.

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David Martin David Martin

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This is a good way to get rid of debt what you've planned. As David has said, go ahead with it. However, if there's any problem with this, the last resort would be to file a bankruptcy.

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