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Is it possible to remove a co-sign information from my credit report?

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Is it possible to remove a co-sign information from my credit report? I co-signed for a friend of mine and came to know that he's not making the payments on time. do i have to file a case to get it removed? Is there any way to remove my name from the co-sign?

No. You can't remove your name as a co-signer. The lender won't spare you. Since your friend is not making the payments, so you're responsible for it. You have to make payments. Otherwise, delinquent accounts will be reported on your credit report.

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As you are the co-signer, you have to make the payments. The bills are nor your obligations. If you can't afford them, try to talk to your friend and ask him to pay the bills. You can also talk to the lender about it and ask for an extended payment plan. Meanwhile, contact your friend and tell him to pay the bills.

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Some loans programs have a option which may release a cosigner. Being the cosigner you may need to make a certain consecutive on-time payments. Two years of on-time payments might be useful. So, you should read your loan documents again to see if there’s any type of program associated with it. You can also call the lender and ask about it.

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