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I had a foreclosure over 2 years ago that was rescinded within a few weeks. I still own the house and I still have the same Wells Fargo Loan. Wells Fargo would not remove it from my credit report when I disputed it last year, so before I try again, any suggestions on what angle I should take?

If they will not remove it, how long does a Foreclosure affect my credit score negatively?

Has anyone else even heard of a rescission? I never have which is why I am asking. Even people at Wells Fargo didn't know what I was talking about when I would call.

Thank you for any advice or assistance!

You were still a foreclosure. People who file bankrtupcty and cancel it still have to deal with the 7 years of reporting. You are not going to get it off. Wells is a stickler....

It will remain on for 7 years,.

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is it 7 years from the first late pay, or 7 years from when I paid off the foreclosure?

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