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After waiting a month for my Applied Bank Secured Visa, I went to their website and hit the STATUS button.

I got: (my name) your application was received on 03/12/2013 but we were unable to approve it .

You will receive a correspondence detailing the reasons why shortly.

Frankly, after reading ALL the complaints about this bank, I'm happy I was declined. But I want to know:

WHEN CAN I EXPECT A REFUND OF MY $300 DEPOSIT that they took from my bank account?

Should I call to make sure? Something strikes me that they WON'T pay this back to me because they sound so shady and corrupt.

You should call them - You may be able to take this to your bank to show that they $300 withdrawal was unauthorized since they did not approve the card.

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Call them and ask...there has to be something in the agreement you signed that explained how refunding would be done.

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