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I have been using this site to help fix my credit. I came across a credit repair agency, and just wanted to hear what they would claim they could do. My credit isn't bad, but my score had gone down, and I knew why. My balances were getting too high, and I had a few inquiries while trying to get a loan.

The man from the company said he could definitely help. I told him I didn't really see what he could do if everything on my report was valid. He said something about "enhancing my positive credit". He wanted $200 just to pull my report and make a plan (which he said was a discount, and I know this is illegal). I paid him $100, and he called me a few days later to say he looked at my report, and that my credit wasn't so bad, but I had collection accounts on there that they could work on getting rid of. I know I had collection accounts in the past, but I hadn't seen them on my reports for a while. He said that they would work to get them off.

and that for $2000 he could help me (which he also claimed was a discount). He was very pushy about it, so I knew something was wrong, so I said I'd get back to him. The next day I emailed him and told him I didn't need his services, and demanded a refund of what I paid him. He got angry, agreed to refund the money, and said he refused to work with a client that thought his company was a scam.

So, my question is, was this guy completely full of BS? Is there some special credit report he saw that I didn't?

Most are scams...and rip offs. Why would anyone pay for huge $$$ for something they can easily do for themselves??

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That sure sounds familiar!! Yes..alot of them are scams!! Just like SOAPLADY said..why would you pay alot of money, for someone to look at your CR, when you can do it for free? I triede a few (so-called) debt consolidation companies. All I ended up with was a mess!! If you are having success with DebtCC, I would stay with them. You said they would charge $2000.00?? GEEZ!!

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There was no way I was paying that amount. He tried to tell me it usually costs $3000, but they were willing to work with people and have them pay monthly payments. I kept telling him I didn't think there was anything invalid on my report, but he kept claiming he could "enhance" my positive accounts.

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