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Ok, So I was younger and stupid, and careless. I got a ton of debt about 20000 worth. mainly credit cards. My credit score is ruined. EXTREMELY Low Im too ashamed to say it.. I stopped paying on the accounts because I couldnt afford it and had to get payday loans to make the payments so its a huge mess. I dont know whats my best route, dmp, Debt settelement? I live in Arizona. I do have a job, and I have definetly grown and learned. PLEASE give me advice on what should I do to fix this. PLEASE. [font=Georgia][/font][size=3][/size]

Don't confuse low score with your worth Sanda. Nothing to be ashamed about, life happens and things can spiral out of control. debt settlement is probably the route I would recommend to you first since you've stoped paying on your cards. However debt settlement won't help w/ your payday loans as most if not all payday loan places will settle. If you find that settlement is not an option because you can't afford payments, then look into bankruptcy. And don't let BK frighten you, it's not designed to leave you destitute and homeless, it's there so that people can have a fresh start. Good luck hope this helped.

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