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Can a credit bureau agree not to report settlement to the credit bureau?

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Can a debt negotiator convince my creditors not to report it to the credit bureaus after an account is settled with a lump sum? A settlemet company has told me this. Will I believe to what they're saying? One of my friends told it's not possible.

Sounds like a scam. What will the creditor report then|? Will he update your account as paid in full|? Or, is it that your account status won't be updated only|? in that case, your account will be reported as delinquent. It won't be beneficial for you anyway. Don't believe anything unless you get everything in writing.

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David Martin David Martin

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Hi Herford! Yes, it's not possible! When you are settling your debts, your creditors will report that to the credit bureaus. And the accounts that you have settled will show as "paid-settled" in your credit report. And let me tell you, it's much better than unpaid status in your credit report.
But if a settlement company has told you this, they are misguiding you. That's why you should consult a genuine debt settlement company to get rid of your debts. Call 800-DEBT-913 to get immediate debt help. The expert financial coaches are ready to help with your debts!

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Craigh.terry Craigh.terry

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