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Credit score dropped by 20 points - Should I pay off student loans?

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Paid off student loans. My credit score dropped by 20 points. What should be my next step? Should I take out an installment loan and start making payments?

Don't go for a installment loan or a payday loan. 20 points drop is not a substantial one, it may be caused by sudden credit utilization ratio drop.
What is your credit score now? You will get the same loans at 750 as 770.

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tiarajoseph11 tiarajoseph11

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Don't panic, by making the other bills or debt payments on time, you can build a good credit score. However, it will take some time. I would like to suggest you avoid installment loan. Instead of taking out a new loan, try to earn extra money by considering a part-time job. Ig the nest debt loan is huge, then you can take out a consolidation loan to pay off the current one. What is your income status? If you come with more detail, we can suggest more option.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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The problem with installment loan is that it has a very high rate of interest. If you really want to take out a loan, then borrow from a credit union. They charge low interest rate on a loan. Alliant is one good option.

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ditchdebt ditchdebt

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