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Have Cashcall loan originated in California in May, 2006. Paid for awhile but had to move and could no longer pay. Went delinquent in Aug 2007.
Heard nothing from them for several years and forgot about it. Cropped up during mortgage application. Now showing Paid, Closed. $5,020 written off, on credit report.
This amt is the principle remaining, $12,480 is total amt with all the interest they tacked on.
Need to get this removed from credit report somehow or at least settled to show a 0 remaining balance. Took out small secured loan and tried for two weeks to contact Delbert Services to negotiate payoff. 2 weeks of being told the only person who can handle this loan is unavailable.
Don't know what to do next. My husband is military and deploying soon. We have a limited window to get this resolved and they just seem to want to screw around. What do we do next and what would be a reasonable opening Settlement offer for this? I know it will expire in a year but it will create a huge mess as it's after my husband will deploy and we need to use his VA loan to buy a house before our landlord sells this one as he's threatened to.
Please-desperate here! - See more at:

You say the loan went delinquent in 8/2007.

What is the Date of First Delinquency listed as on each of your reports?

From the timeline you're laying out, you can more than likely dispute these as obsolete as this would be past the 7 year mark.

If the DOFD is indeed 2007, me personally, I wouldn't waste my money settling with them when you can use that toward your new house.

If you're in CA, the statute of limitations for them to sue you ran out 4 years after you first went delinquent (assuming you hadn't reset the sol with payments, ackowledgement of debt, etc.). So you paying them, is just a WASTE.

And again, the reporting SOL of 7 years has approached.

DOFD on your credit report is key to your answer.

If you know for sure you first went delinquent in 2007 and Cash Call is just now entering a tradeline due you applying for mortgage, it's possible they re-aged your account and that my dear would be a FCRA violation and can be used as leverage in getting it deleted quickly and possibly collecting some coin in the process.

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