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Here is my sample letter to a debt collector. It is a small debt, so I am willing to pay it off and ask for them to put PAID IN FULL or PAID SATISFACTORY in credit report.

Here is excerpt of the letter I would like if you guys can give comment if I cover all my bases.

Thank You in advance.

I am willing to pay this account IN FULL for the amount of $129.04 as full settlement of this account; provided you agree to provide a written confirmation showing this account as PAID IN FULL and report to the credit reporting agencies (namely Equifax, TransUnion and Experian) as PAID IN FULL or PAID SATISFACTORY of the debt. However, should you choose not to provide me with confirmation, I will use your acceptance of this payment as proof that you agree the account is PAID IN FULL.

Do these agreement works with debt collector? I modify this from sample I found on the web. Can having them accepting the check as them agreeing to the payment?

Thank you again.

Who is the debt for? That will depend on some things including what form of payment you should use?

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Their commission is about $25 on this account.....they are not going to bother wasting manpower hours typing out a personalized letter to you and then notifiying credit bureaus. They are more than likely just doing a letter writing campaign.

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