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I'm interested in doing this, but have seen a few articles that this no longer works because the credit bureaus have smartened up. I read that even if CA agrees to remove the credit bureaus may not allow it because they have a reputation of their own - if they just allow CA's to remove debts based on Pay for Delete in order to raise a FICO/credit rating score then they are not really true scores.

Is this true? Do Pay for Deletes still work - or is this something that worked in the past but not so much today?

Pay for deletes are rare...I started working in collections in 1991 and none of the creditors would do it. Basically you are offering to pay if they delete...the creditors position is, you pay or we sue. You are not in the position of power...they are. Original creditors sometimes do it for a current account...this is an act of goodwill, to keep the customers business. Once you default, the original credit does not want your business anymore. The CA could care less about your takes time and staff to do credit report adjustments and that is not what they are paid to do.

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It rarely works. There is no incentive in it for the collectors to do a PFD.

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