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In position to go from contractor to full-time at job, but will fail credit check- advice pls

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It's looking like in 6-8 months, I will have the opportunity to go from contractor to full time at my job. This is a great opportunity with a higher level technical job, but it is with a large financial institution that does credit checks on 100% of their employees.
I know I won't pass the credit check- I was laid off several years ago while performing a balancing act with debt from a divorce, had a major surgery a couple years ago that cost me some time, my dog ate my homework, etc etc. Point is, I've had most of the things on my credit report you can think of that would ensure me failing a credit check.
Is there anything I can do that would help? I make too much for Chapter 7 according to one jerk of a bankruptcy lawyer I met with late last year (he did have me take a means test), and I'm not sure that would help my employment situation anyway. A number of the things in question have been written off, and I'm not currently getting calls from debtors. I have a modest car loan on an older vehicle with a local BHPH place, and have been paying that on time, but I really don't have much recent credit.
Is there anything that might make me appear to be less of a risk to an employer that would be worth looking into?

Try to settle the debts you have fallen behind on and stay current on whatever loans you are still making payments again. The items on the credit report won't drop off till 7 years from the date of delinquency so its somewhat of an uphill battle. Other than that, check your credit report and see if there are any debts which are being falsely reported. Thats possibly the best advice I can offer you at the moment.

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I work at a bank. My credit sucks.

The majority of employers, when checking credit, don't care about your credit score. They're only looking for fraud being reported against you.

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Put it this way: because of the lousy economy, if everyone with crap credit was turned down for a job right now, then employers would be begging for people, right?
I think another thing to look at is will your job involve directly handling money? If not, then I think your employer would be way more lenient with you.
You also have an advantage here, because you will have been working for 6 months at your job when you could be hired FT, they will know you're a great worker and a credit check won't be an issue at that point.

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