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I am still learning how to understand my credit report. I am trying to figure out the SOL on some of these tradelines. Im in I believe it is 5 years for SOL and 7 years before it gets remove from my report.

On the Chase tradelines. It show date opened = 6/1/2005.
Then on the 24/Mo Payment History (7/2010-6/2012) All KD except in 8-2011 it show ND.

Is there a way I can find out when the SOL on this expired and when it will get remove from the report from the information showing on the report.

Thanks in advance

The SOL period in California for the written contracts, promissory notes and open ended accounts is 4 years. The SOL period for the oral agreements is 2 years. The account will be there on your credit report for 7 years from the date of last payment.

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4 years for the debt to be past the SoL (starts on the last day you made any sort of payment against the account).

7 years (from the date it was reported delinquent) for the item to drop off your credit report.

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Thanks for the information. However if I forgot when my payment to them was how can I tell from the credit report? Or do I have to contact them to figure out?

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