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asked for debt validation on a m any unpaidedical debt and recieved a copy of er bill and request for treatment and authorization form. Was reading the authorization form and came across this " Authorization For Release of Medical Information I authorize the hospital and my physicians to furnish any medical information relating to my hospitalization or treatment to my ins. company, governmental or charitable orginization and their agents my employer and professional review organizations with whom i have ins. coverage or who may be assiting with payment of my hospital and medical care. in addition I authorize the hospital and any of my physicians to release any medical information necessary to prove hospital's damages in any legal proceeding brought to enforce any unpaid balance on any of my accounts.This authorization will expire 2 years from the date shown below,and I understand that I or my legal representitive may revoke this authorization at any time except to the extent that (1) action has already been taken or in the event of my death the release of medical information is neceesarry to verify any charges incured by me.
now my question.. Is it not a fcra violation because the 2 year authorization is up? the date it was signed was 10/01/2009 and date it was validated by collection agency was 06/07/2012

This has nothing to do with collecting the debt...believe it has more to do with litigation of the injury/illness. Your state law would trump it anyways.

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