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OK guys / ladies,

This may be just a rambled mess, but it's just because I am confused and aggrevated. Here goes:

So I checked my credit scores on and my scores were:

Experian: 577

Equifax: 565

Transunion: 545

Today I went directly to Experian to get my vantage score and was 505?? My fico score supposedly is 517.

These are all bad, I know, but I am trying to clean up my credit by sending disputes out. My fiance has been gracious enough to put me on as an authorized user on her chase CC and AMEX. My student loan, which is now rehabbed, should be coming off my report and added as a fresh account with a new bank.

I had two public records that were paid a few years ago and also disputed with Experian, one they removed, the other they didn't and wouldn't. A few days ago I disputed them with Equifax and they removed both of them. Why does one remove something and the others won't? There a few CA that I sent DV letters to that have not responded to me, but yet when I dispute them through a Bureau, they claim they validated it? Why is this? What other steps can I take to get these items move through all of the big 3?


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