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Hello, I was just made aware of an old derogatory account by Verizon that had been sent to collections and now showed up on my TransUnion report; when I got denied an apartment rental because of it. They said I could get it fixed and reapply, but not until the status of it changes on my credit report. I would dispute the whole thing with Verizon but I don't have time to go through that whole process (my current lease is up at the end of the month). I ended up paying the collections agency and and now waiting on a confirmation letter from them. I'm unsure how to proceed after that. Currently the derogatory mark says Collection/Charge-off; how do I make sure this gets changed to paid in full? Do I need to get the CA to contact TransUnion to do that? Do I call Verizon to get them to do it? Is Verizon still even involved in that part of the process?

I've never dealt with any kind of credit problem so this is all foreign territory to me. I'm completely lost.

In this type of case, the listing will automatically remove from the credit report after 7.5 years.
The collection agency is not bound to remove the listing from your account. Since you have paid the charged off account, you can request to the CA to remove the listing or mark it as "paid charge off' account.

Most likely, Verizon is not involved it has probably sold off to a third party.

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