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I checked equifax CR 7/2007 and Verizon Wireless was listed as a charge-off status. It was first reported to equifax 5/2002. The date of last activity was 7/2001.

A mortage company ran my joint CR(Kroll Factual Data-Residental Merged CR) with my spouse in 6/2008. It listed the account as Profit and Loss last active 9/2001.

Finally I ran my CR again today 7/17/08 and Verizon is no longer listed on the 3 bureaus reports.

Does this mean I have reached the 7 year limit for charge offs to no longer appear on my CR? Is this debt gone for good?

If we try to apply for a mortgage loan again will this Verizon account still show on our residential merged CR although it is no longer listed with the 3 bureaus?

I was told that a charge off takes 7 years to drop off, so maybe you made it. Congrats to you :!: :D

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