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Law Offices of Rory W. Clark, Westlake Village, Ca

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Anybody had any interaction with this law firm?!?

Law Office of Rory W. Clark, Esq.
5743 Corsa Ave., Ste. 215
Westlake Village, Ca

If you have heard of them, have you conducted any business with them? How was the experience (good, bad, otherwise?)?

I am currently dealing with them regarding the settlement of a debt and getting nowhere. Every contact with them is a new experience in frustration. My desk has dents in it from where I've banged my head on it. It's that bad!!!

Any information you might be able to provice would be greatly appreciated.


Mark Patterson
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Settlement programs take time to deliver positive results. But your consultant should always present with the latest updates on your debt accounts. They should clearly explain the dealings with your credit companies so that you know the status. Check the local bureaus as well as the local AG's office if there are any major complaints against them. If you are not satisfied working with the company till this date, can you cancel the contract and shop for another company?

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aciotsf aciotsf

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I've been paying them for about 3 1/2 years now and they don't do what they say they will, i.e. sending statements, etc. when they are supposed to. They have one really horrible office manager (I think that's what she is) but if you talk to Rory specifically, he is a nice enough man. They do not return phone calls well at all though. They will sue you in a heartbeat if you don't pay on time. And the only thing I can say about that, is if they sue you, file an answer. They'll probably drop the suit if you file the answer. :)

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Get any settlement offer in writing.

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Law Student Law Student

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To Mrkszoo, This guy along with worldwide assets purchasing llc. are a menace. he levied my account without serving me, this is his method of opperation. They will give me no information on the source of the debt.Now since he recieved a judgment he has free rein to try and attatch my wifes paychecks as well. I'm in the process of fighting this criminal, and anyone with information will be greatly appriciated.

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I've been dealing w/ them for almost 3 years now. I've been sending my payment every month which they honor and credit my account but this lady, Dolores Shannon keep calling me to send my payment and have charge my bank account without my authorization. I called my bank and disputed and thank GOD my bank credit me my money.

Do not deal with this office in any way at all. They will call your office and threaten to sue you that they will have the court garnish your paycheck EVEN THOUGH they are accepting my payment and honoring my checks. If they sue me, fine! I could show the judge I'm making my payments and I have the intention of settling my debt. And they don't mail you your account statement or even update you with your account status.

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You better make sure the debt is really yours

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Ok. I posted on here before under Concern Citizen. I received another call from Dolores Shannon or Shannen who I just found out that she's not even a paralegal. She's basically a bill collector. LIke I've said before, I've been making my payments continuesly for almost 4 years now for $200 a month. Sometimes it's late but I see to it that they receive it every month because it shows on your bank statement. She called again and tells me that she will try to order to garnish my paycheck 25% because it was late everytime. But the thing is, they keep honoring my check every-freaking-time. From what I've read before about not sending a statement or status of your balance - people were right! They never send you anything AT ALL! They never even inform you if you're balance is decreasing. I hope someone sue this law firm and have lose their license if they have any at all. I really wished when Osama Bin Laden attacked us on 9/11 they should have came to Westlake Village, CA and blow their building. And if Osama Bin Laden comes back, I'll tell him to blow up Rory W. Clark's office in Westlake Village, CA and that this Dolores Shannon or Shannen was present that day! Seriously!

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This attorney is trying to collect on a credit card I had paid back in 2005. I just got served papers from them dated 5/9/08 and it says I have 30days to respond..Duh it's already past 30 days.I am getting my bank to pull all my checks showing I paid of Direct Merchants Bank in full and then turn around a try and sue them for harrassment. Anyone else having a problem like this?

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Sounds like bad news! How were the papers served? Do you have proof that you just now received them? If so, you should contact the court and dispute the 30 day window.

Do you have any statements showing that your Direct Merchants Bank account was paid in full? Were they the original creditor?

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alias1958 alias1958

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Complaints Against Attorneys
1-800-843-9053 (toll free in California)
213-765-1200 (from outside California)

Complaint Form

You should register a complaint with the State Bar if you believe that your lawyer acted improperly, but not just because there is some disagreement between you, or you believe he or she did a poor job. For such a disagreement, you should pursue alternative methods of settling attorney-client disputes, when available.

All lawyers who practice in California must live up to ethical standards imposed by the California Supreme Court and the state legislature. As an arm of the California Supreme Court, the State Bar investigates and prosecutes complaints against lawyers.

Depending on the seriousness of the offense, a lawyer can be given a warning, put on probation, suspended from practicing law for a period of time, or disbarred - prohibited from practicing law in California.

The bar has limited authority to discipline lawyers for such behavior as rudeness or making a single honest mistake. It is limited by law to complaints about unethical behavior as defined in the Rules of Professional Conduct and/or the State Bar Act.

If you believe that your lawyer acted unethically, you should file a complaint. The complaint form should be mailed to the State Bar at the address indicated. Be sure to follow the instructions.

Some things you should know about filing a complaint:

There is no fee to file a complaint.
You do not have to be a U.S. citizen to file a complaint.
When you register a complaint, you should supply photocopies of any papers, such as letters or canceled checks that relate to the problem.
The State Bar will send you postcard when your complaint form has been received.
Your complaint will be input into the computer system and a State Bar lawyer will read it to determine how the complaint will proceed. This process can take from two to three weeks.
Your complaint will then be assigned to a staff member to conduct an investigation.
You will be informed of the status of the investigation by a State Bar representative.
At the end of the investigation you will be informed in writing if your complaint will proceed to prosecution in the State Bar Court or if it will be closed.
Alternative methods of settling attorney-client disputes

Attorney Complaint Form

Rules of Professional Conduct

State Bar Act

NOTE: The State Bar's primary jurisdiction is in the regulation of attorneys. However, it is authorized by statute to take limited action against non-attorneys under certain circumstances. If you have information about the possible unlawful practice of law by an unlicensed individual, please call 1-800-843-9053. You should send supporting documents or other information to: The State Bar of California, Office of the Chief Trial Counsel, Intake Unit, 1149 S. Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015-2299, Attn: UPL Project.

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