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Has anyone heard of 3-Midland Market??? I can not find them anywhere on the web but every other week 90.00 x2 in withdrawn from my account... Please Help someone

Have you talked with your bank about this debit? They can block the company from doing further debits. I hope this helps you.

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Contact the fraud unit of your ban and tell them that this is an unauthrized debt and that your account has been compromised

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I guess no one has heard of this company, what aboy CMG/FSM??

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I think that you can google FSM and other posts will come up..

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midland market is a quick payday loan company, you need to contact your bank and they will give you the phone number to contact them

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3-midland market payday loan company

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does anyone know how to contact the people that deposit money in your account under cmg/fsm?

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tel. (800) 783-4936, fax (866) 408-3052.
I am having a HUGE problem with this company...

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I have a toll free number that you can try. The company comes up as OSL Financial. I spoke with a person by the name of Amanda..., I had the same problem also. The number is 866-516-9300.

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Hello my name is Lisa , In november I had the same issue with 3 midland market. It appears that they are associated with a payday loan company. I also noticed the $90 coming out of my account,so I called my bank. The bank did not see any information on the company,like the phone number for me to call. They suggested that I come in to file an afidavit, which would prevent 3 midland market from getting the money from my account. Soon after I received a very loud bearly english speaking man trying to tell me something. He was very short with me and did not let me talk. I asked him what kind of company he was? He stated I could find 3 midland market on the web. I had already done that. Today I decided to look again and found 2,260,000 3 midland market. I am glad I did because I found you. When they decide to go to court as he said, I will have proof that it can not be found. I believe they go by another name when customers apply for the payday loan, but take the money out of your account under 3 midland market so you won't pay and they threaten you with default and fraud, and trying to get hundreds of dollars from you. This is bad we need to do sometning about this.

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