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How do I find out if Daniels and Norelli are licensed in my state to collect debt? They are a very rude collection/attorneys office.

Check the company license with the Dept of Financial Institutions in your state. All collection agencies are registered with them before doing business. What state are you in?

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If you live in New York City and are being sued by Daniels & Norelli P.C., be sure to check with the Dept. of Consumer Affairs and see if they are licensed to collect debt. It currently appears that they are NOT licensed by the DCA. Search on Yahoo for "don't get duped DCA" and you will find a very handy pdf file with more info.

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Just wanted to let anyone know who was being harassed by Daniels & Norelli - I was being sued by them and went to court. They didn't send me any documentation supporting their claims before the first court date, so the judge made them send me what they had, set a new date, and marked the case final, meaning no more adjournments after the new court date. Daniels & Norelli did send me some documents, and when I went to court again, I was prepared to argue my case. But I didn't have to - the Daniels & Norelli attorney did not have a witness present to admit their evidence, so the case was dismissed. If you have to go up against them, your best bet might be to call their bluff and let it go to court.

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Daniels & Norelli use extortion and terror tactics to try to get money from consumers. They have no prior experience in debt collection or fdcpa litigation, so don't be intimidated by them. Their background is in real estate. If they are harassing you by phone, demand that they stop calling you and only communicate with you in writing. If necessary, record these calls and tell them that you are recording all calls. Report them to the New York State Bar Association if they are abusing you verbally or if they are making threats, contact your state Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Do not be a victim of ruthless debt collectors. These people are not there to help you. No matter what they say, don????????t believe them.

Their threats are meaningless.

Always document every communication you receive from any debt collector.

If you demand that D&N or any other debt collector only contact you in writing, they are required, under the FDCPA, to contact you ONLY in writing. Under no circumstances should you ever send any money to a collection agency. Do not make payment arrangements with them or give them access to your bank account.

There is a way to win at this game, and to settle your obligations to your creditors, but it is not by cooperating with unethical, predatory debt collectors.

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im only on social security they froze my account i asked for and never received what it was all about i had just lost my husband so you can imagine my feelings the said they would take my furniture and belongings etc. iaked for and never got any paper work ss is exemt which i did not know i never said they could take any money the paper sent to the bank was phony the only one allowed to take money is the sheriff or marshal

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Just starting (11/5) a trip with D&N. Rec'd phone msg about a delinquent account active between 2002-2006 that had my SSN but not my name and address. I called back to let them know they called the wrong number. I had never heard of the account # they gave me. They offered very little info. Claimed the SSN ties it to me legally/responsibly and wanted me to settle ($1200) that day. He said it would do no good to contact Chase siince they had sold the account to them. He offered very little info about the account. I dug thru my records and found no statements from or payments to Chase for the account (2202-2006). I contacted Chase and they had me mail them a copy of my SocSec card - agreeing that the person's name on the account was not me. D&N then had me go file a police report on the SSN theft. I was to fax the report to them right away. The police gave me an incident ticket (not a full police report) which I was only able to scan in and fax to them by using a fax number I got from the D&N web site. The number the D&N collector gave me would not accept my fax after trying for 4 hours. (I suspect they may have blocked my number somehow.) D&N did say they would send me a letter on it, but only after I requested it. So now I wait to see what Chase and D&N have to say -- if anything. I hope they work this out between them but from the other entries, I doubt it will be that easy.

Also, I did a credit check (something I never bothered with before) and couldn't find any references to the a Chase Account being approved or going through such a horrendous delinquency.

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Update: Have heard nothing from Chase or D&N. Did discover that my address in one of the "white page" people lookups has me as having lived at the address that is on the bogus account. And, the name that's tied to that address had died in late October.

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man on man these people are so rude..I tried getting status on my account and they were so rude....MR WINTERS is the rudest guy I have ever spoke to

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I settled a debt with them and now I am trying to get a letter from them stating that I paid it off. Now they refuse. I will be reporting them to federal trade commission. Plus they verbally abuse their customers, including me.

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