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Does anyone have the address or telephone number for an internet payday loan company CMG Group. I would appreciate your assistance. Also, FYI, I have registered with a payday loan consolidation company named langhorne debt solutions. They are wonderful.

what can i do?

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I have a pif note from weinstien and markeZzi law office cause they called me several months ago about cmg group. The past few weeks I have been recieving calls from investigator Jameson. No office sayig it's a federal matter. Goodluck. I call him bck and tell him I have a paid in full note, from Weinstein, if he wants to challenge me I will need information to countersue. He then tells me I can't do that. How do I get them to stop?

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We received $250 in our account this morning from this company. We did NOT authorize it. We had gotten a loan with someone else and NEVER applied with this company. Is it easier to call the bank and have the bank return the money or call the company?

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
We received $250 in our account this morning from this company. We did NOT authorize it. We had gotten a loan with someone else and NEVER applied with this company. Is it easier to call the bank and have the bank return the money or call the company?

never call this illegal pile of garbage.have your bank return the money then either have them close that account,and set up a new one not linked to that account,or have put a fraud alert on this account.this place makes their money this way.putting money into people's accounts hoping they don't notice.again have your bank return the money,and ignore all attempts by the illegal.

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Now that they have your personal account information it will never be safe again!

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
I have a phone number 1-866-516-9300. Hope this helps.

call the number above, tell them you do not except this money and they will transfer it back. so this is what they tell me!

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I called the 866.516.9300 # and all I got was a voice mail. I too received money that I never signed for in my account. I have tried to contact the # they give in my statment and it gives me the # above which leads to a voicemail. I have contacted my bank. They put a stop payment for the amount they keep taking out of my account (it only works if they take the same amount out though for 6 months). I also called and dipusted the deposit they put in and the amount they keep taking out. I did ask about closing my account and reopening a new one which I was then told I can do so However if they try to subtract the amount after 30 days it could reopen my closed account due to inactivity. What a Mess!!

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Just as everyone else has reported on here, CMG Group deposited $300 into my account without me ever specifically asking for money from them. They obtained my account information from a 3rd party payday loan website. At no point did I ever sign a promissory note with CMG Group, and I would imagine that no else on here signed one either.

I'm a law student and technically not allowed to give legal advice, but in my (still non-lawyer) opinion, CMG Group has absolutely no legal grounds to stand on. With legitimate payday loan companies, you are required to sign a promissory note (in which you promise to repay the debt), which includes all of the federally required Truth in Lending Act informaton. CMG Group does not provide this information, which (likely) means there is no lending contract in the eyes of the law.

Additionally, when they deposited the money into my account, they gave me absolutely no way of getting ahold of them to pay off the "loan" in full. No address, e-mail address, phone number. No number on the charge on bank statement. Nothing at all. Clearly, this is on purpose because they don't want you to pay the loan back. They just want to perpetually charge you the finance charge. This substantially builds your legal case that you don't owe them the money they claim because you didn't even have the opportunity to pay them back. After I closed my account they waited several months of non-payment to start calling/harrassing me because they wanted the "finance charge" to build up as much as possible so they could claim that I owed them a ridiculous sum of money.

After I basically told the people calling that I know they're a fraud and not to waste their time with future calls, I started receiving calls from a purported law firm (the person I spoke with claimed he was a lawyer when he clearly wasn't) claiming to represent CMG. They pretend as if they are both investigator and prosecutor, and that they have the legal authority to criminally prosecute me for wire fraud if I don't pay them back. If they had a legal contract with me (they don't) that I was in breach of, they could press criminal charges against me. However, it is clear that they are trying to pretend as if they have the authority to criminally prosecute me, which of course, only a prosecutor could do.

Between you and their law firm, it is purely a civil matter, which means the worst thing the law firm could do to you is sue you. But because there is no contract, there'd be no legal grounds to stand on. In my opinion, the threats to sue you are completely without legal grounds and are merely an attempt to scare you into paying them. They are a shady company that uses threats, intimidation, and harrassment to attempt to get you to pay. They claimed they were going to have me served with a legal summons, which doesn't scare me at all since they have no legal grounds to sue me.

My best advice (again, I'm not yet a lawyer) would be what many others have already said:
1) Close your bank account.
2) Pay back the original amount they gave you, and NO more.
3) In the process of paying them back, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR NEW BANK ACCOUNT INFO, CREDIT CARD INFO, OR ANY OTHER FINANCIAL INFORMATION. Either buy a prepaid debit card, send them a money order (keep the receipt), etc.
4) If they've already taken the amount they gave you or more, don't bother contacting them. If you receive a call from them threatening to sue you, tell them you know they are a fraud, and to stop calling you.
5) If they continue calling you, collect as much information as you can and report them to your state's Attorney General.
6) If anyone tries to claim (on this forum or otherwise) that this company has legal grounds to stand on THEY ARE LYING.

I hope this helps some of you. This company has wasted a lot of my time, and I don't want to see them scam a single other person.

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I too was hit by this company today! So one of my best friends is a paralegal for a collections law agency and he said that this company has not leg to stand on because they do not have a signed legal document. He said the same thing, to close the account, send them a letter saying you did not request this loan and that you will send them a money order for the amount they originally deposited (nothing more because they are not allowed to anymore), DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OTHER BANK INFORMATION, DEFINITELY close your bank account and open another one, and report them to your state's attorney general. This is illegal!

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I just want everyone that is affected by this company know that I found the e-mail they sent me (amongst the 800+ other e-mails I received about payday loans) after I called their number. It states that the loan is refinanced every two weeks (or every time you are supposed to pay) automatically unless you contact them to pay it off or paydown. They also told me on the phone when I said I did not authorize this loan that "once you hit submit online they use that as your electronic signature." So knowing that you have to hit submit in order to see how much, or if you are authorized for a loan, they take advantage of that. I was then told that they called me and left a "detailed" message and an e-mail. I responded that I had received millions of phone calls from many different companies and 800+ e-mails and she replied "I'm sure you did" sounding like they know that we will be getting all these e-mails and phone calls and ignoring most of them. So yeah, they are EXTREMELY sneaky in how they work! So I've talked to them and to my bank and if you catch it in time you can have the bank reverse the loan within 24 hours (this is the legal time they are allowed to do it) or within 24 hours OSL (CMG Groups other name and who answers when you call customer service) will take it back out of your account. However, if you find out too late, OSL will take it back out of your account IF you send them a bank statement that shows you didn't use the funds. Otherwise your option is to pay the loan amount and the finance charge (mine was $60) in full and they won't keep charging you. However, they can't give you a confirmation number saying that you have paid the balance in full. So yeah, I don't know if this will help anyone or not and I haven't gotten to the point of when they would start taking money out of my account and I'm still writing to the Attorney General about this because I don't know how a loan can be legal by them using your submit as an electronic signature when no terms or conditions were given BEFORE you hit submit! So we'll see. The number that I used to call them is 866-516-9300 and their fax is 866-516-9700. There is no address on the e-mail I received either, which seems even more sneaky to me! Good luck everyone I hope something brings this company down!

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