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Does anyone have the address or telephone number for an internet payday loan company CMG Group. I would appreciate your assistance. Also, FYI, I have registered with a payday loan consolidation company named langhorne debt solutions. They are wonderful.

Advice/Simple Solution : Close your bank account and reopen a new one!!! If you have a job with direct deposit stop your direct deposit first, then close your bank account. Mail them notification to rescind any wage garnishment agreements. Also send them a notarized letter to cease all telephone contact to you, your job or any references. They will go away and worst case scenario you will see it on your credit report!! BIG DEAL!!!

Sub: #61 posted on Tue, 11/09/2010 - 19:35


The same thing happened to me. They got my info somewhere online and deposited money into my account. When I closed the account, somebody called to get my info over the phone, when I wouldn't give it, she hung up. I tried to get number or address for them. Now they are trying to take me to court. if they do, I will fight it and I am sure I can win because i NEVER authorized a loan from them.......

Sub: #62 posted on Thu, 11/18/2010 - 07:39


Their fax number is 866-516-9700; phone is 866-516-9300. Hope that helps.

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I applied for a loan to fix my transmission with this company as well as 5 other companies. This particular company took it upon themselves to put money into my account without my consent then withdraw a payment. This was NEVER authorized. After fighting with them in email they finally took the loan amount out of my account minus the payment they took prior. They have extremely shady business practices and I will be reporting them to the BBB. I do not recommend anyone do business with them.

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I tried to give them the money back and they said it would have to be drafted out of my same bank account, unfortunately because I also did not directly apply with them they put the money in my account w/o promissary note or any application. A year and a half later I am dealing with this and it has been sent to two diff collection agencies... I already paid the 1st collection agency the amount owed to no avail, and am out of $200. I have sent validation of debt letters with no response and now I have to get a layer involved for $200 that turned into $500!!! I reported CMG to the Feferal Trade Commission as well as the collection agencies who have taken teh $200 I paid and kept it for themselves instead of applying it to the original CMG loan...It's a shame and disgrace...

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Phone: 1-866-516-9300
Fax: 1-866-516-9700

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1 866 516 9300

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i have never signed anything with this company ,but both collected on my account the bank close my account, today i receive a call that i have a lawsuite for 320 dollars for 150.00 that was deposited to my account they need to be stopped. here is the number for the lawyer 1800 730 8568x101

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I think maybe people are expecting these loans to just pay themselves out without them having to take physical action. I just got off the phone with Catherine over at riverelk.. which don't bother looking it up.. you won't find it.. does seem to be semi-legitimate at least. I just paid my loan from them in full no questions asked.

I started the phone call by notifying her that this call was being sent from a computer through skype and the call was being recorded. She only hesitated slightly.. I then asked her upon her asking for my SS# if there is was another way she could go about bringing up my account. She said yes.. believe that people.. never give your FULL SS#.. I gave her what she needed without it being my SS# and told her that my account was being monitored for suspicious activity.

No problems.. loan is paid off. The trick with payday loans is you're going to get gauged.. and hard with interest. Don't take out a payday loan UNLESS you can pay the amount in FULL by your first Pay Date // Before being better. At all cost.. avoid the REFINANCE game. That is where they get you. Also, you take out a loan with any of these companies.. BE PREPARED to make a phone call.. know your rights.. know that you DO NOT have to divulge sensitive information over the phone.

Another practice.. DO NOT call these numbers with a scent of rage in your voice. DO NOT call these numbers and play meek. DO call and be respectful. Yes Ma'am.. Thank you Sir.. goes a long way with these guys (These are random potentially "shady" characters that have all your information at their fingertips.. play nice). DO remain calm and assertive.. use a graceful pleasant and confident tone upon calling. Thank them for their services and then.... Be Done with them.

Next step, get a bank account and savings account and LOCK IT DOWN. I know it's rough and sometimes we need these things.. I did.. a couple of times.. but you have to be careful.. take the right steps and be fully prepared to pay it off in full.. in advance. If you are in America.. DO NOT accept loans over the phone from non-native speakers.. it is the worst thing you can do. You fill out one application and the next thing you know is your information is circulating calling list and email list around the globe.

What I do to take these loans. I set up a temporary Skype account and phone number.. to use until the loan is paid off. I set up a temporary email account as well.. to be deleted upon paying off the loan.. thus, helping me to never have to deal with all the backscatter that these things usually entail. Employer phone number... usually a pay as you go cell phone.. once again.. upon paying off the loan.. I scrap the phone number and apply for a new one.

Just like that folks.. you now have a loan and don't have to worry about being bogged down with loan calls for the rest of the decade. If on a number you can not just cancel.. stay respectful and demand that your number be pulled from their calling list.. they can usually just press delete.. make them mad.. be prepared to have John Sanders (whom barely speaks English) call you time after time for a year.

Hope that helps folks. Pay Day Loans are the same people who provide money at the junkies gambling table. Stay ahead of their practices.. they play wicked games if you get caught off guard.. or just don't know any better.

Have a good day folks

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boy what a long winded bunch of ga-ga.first your very opening says it all.the place you mentioned is not even you paid a bottomfeeder.all of your other info implies that we take loans for the purpose of not paying.that is ridiculous and stupid.many of us(present company included)overpaid these,and i'll say it again.if a lender has no license they are entitled to the principle is the lender's place to lend ethically,but since you came on a thread about a pdl slime not located in the must have some stake in them,and post garbage hoping that someone will agree with you.not gonna happen pal.not while i'm post stupidity on site that permits it.we don't here.see-ya!

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