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Collection Agency Guidelines - ARC Recovery Services

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I am hoping that someone can answer a few questions for me (living in Canada).

1. When a file goes to an apparent collection agency from a company, does that mean they have been hired to recover or they have bought the debt? The company in question is ARC Recovery Services.
2. I was under the impression that when a file goes to a collection agency, they cannot cannot charge or keep accumulating interest, is that correct?
3. They got quite nasty when I ask them to provide debt verification and hung up on me. Why would that be? Why do they have a problem doing so?

Thanks for any insight and answers.

Interest charges and collection fees will be mentioned in the contract copy you signed with the original creditor. The collector cannot add more than the permissible charges. Most credit companies have their internal collection dept. They don't come under the fdcpa guidelines. Outside collectors have to follow the laws.

Did you earlier receive anything in writing from ARS Recovery? They must send you the written information about the debt before attempting further collections. Send a DV letter from your side through certified mail and return receipt requested. This will be a proof about your requesting for the details.

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I received a letter from them stating the amount I apparently owe on their letterhead and to who I owe it to.

So what you are saying is that interest still accumulates?

Have you heard of this company?

I told them that I was going to deal with the company directly rather than them and they told me that the original company won't speak to me and then they hung up - would that be true?

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The original company will accept your payments if your file is still in their system. You may have to convince them in accepting your payments.

Go through the fine prints and review the charges calculated by ARS. If you feel that the charges are disputed, send a letter to correct the errors. Make sure that you are aware of the fees mentioned in the agreement.

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first off if its with ars recovery than the account was sold to an investment company, and the original creditor was paid off by that company and now has nothing to do with your bill. they will not talk to you, they have a contract with the new owners of your debt that all calls will be forwared to them. second off ars doesnt charge interest on your account, they only way they will get interest is if they chose to sue you and take you to court. then its up to the judge to award interest. depending on your contract you can also be charged back interest to your charge off date, any collections costs and attorney fees.

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Why won't the collection agency take payments? I currently am dealing with ARC and I am frustrated they want me to pay it all up front. however I don't have 8000 dollars, So I told them I would pay 370 a month. They then suggested I take a loan out, which I don't want to do at 32% interest. anyway I was approved for a 2000 dollar loan, but they won't accept that. Can they deny monthly payments? If they were to garnish my wages through court they could only get like 200 a month.... what can I do?

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I understand that everyone attempts to buckle under and do this good citizen thing probably because most can't exist without credit and with a bad credit rating you are forced to live within your means....Credit agencies parsitically buy contracts for cents on the dollar and then profit by any unscrupulous manner they can get away with to collect this blood money. Never mind that billions and billions of our free tax-payer dollars is given freely to corporations yearly. When these same corporations make major profits it remains with their shareholders. The recent big bailouts to banks and investmemt companies was public money and this public money went as bonuses and payouts to executives and shareholders and to purchase/ buy-out smaller banks. Huge profits were made but remained with these companies. Collection companies continue to collect for companies that received bail-out money. I owe $40,000 for student loans and I refuse to pay this to a collection co. Now ARC has another name or umbrella some dubious name like revenue services agency.When they call asking for me I ask them to identify themselves and what is the nature of their query. I end the call when I choose and I refuse to be either intimidated or threatened. I don't take it on.

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Make sure they are licensed to even collect the debt in the first place. Collection agency must have a license in your jurisdiction to even attempt collection. If you are in Canada, make sure they are licensed there and not in the U.S.

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