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star cash processing

Submitted by citizen001 on Tue, 03/27/2012 - 01:25

when i checked my emails today after work i had two from star cash processing. the headliner had my attention as it said that i had a limited opportunity to settle my dept for less then what it supposedly is. the only reason i opened it is because i do have an an unpaid bill from long ago. The other email had their link for there " login into your account" web page. i put the account number that they gave me in the first email, clicked submit. There site tells me that the account number is incorrect. and i forgot how exactly,probaly for being suspicious, i ended up on THIS wonderful website. Anyways, the odd part of this is that i am 28 and have not had a bank account since i was 18 or 19. And i was certainly not getting payday loans in my senior year and nor have i applied for any payday loans. Wouldnt make sense to do so since i dont have a bank account. This dumb s%#t being part of the reason why i dont deal with banks. So im wondering what they think they are trying to do here. How can you make a claim that someone owes you money that was "deposited" into a non exsistant bank account? my worry for the time being is the possibility of identity theft against me. but im going to be watching for there 1-888 numbers and any emails from them are others like it. my spam folder always has emails saying i qualify for this loan or they just need a address to send me money, and im pre-approved for some stupid amount. i never open them just hit delete folder everytime. But these particular emails i got from them actually made it to my inbox. Thats a first. I hope they havent beefed up there scamming tools and technology from all the money they have stolen from everybody on this site and abroad. They can be stopped and shut down but it will take everyones help and a federal infestigation because im sure they are not paying any taxes to the IRS from all of there "earnings". They didnt get me but im very upset at what they have done to all of you.

These people have called me too constantly. The phone numbers they use are 1-201-399-2089 and 1-716-564-4940. They have called me 5 days in a row at the same time everyday. Call these numbers and they will respond.

Submitted by on Fri, 06/29/2012 - 06:50

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