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My place of business, my mom and my cell phone all got calls from a VIOPphone # 5133794543...a Stephanie Clark stating they have legal paperwork and to call a 18779054335 to arrange payments today because I have been notified and served. So I call them (expecting it to be a scam) and the guy, McKenzie, states I owe $800 to a payday loan from back in Jan and that if I do not pay today, then I will be taken to court. I ask for his name and address of the company and he said they do not give out that information....because of the nature of business they are in but they are located in southern California. I said I paid that payday loan (only the amount I borrowed) and told them I would not pay any more because they are illegal, etc. etc....I told him I paid them and he said they said I had not made any I said can I have your email or mailing address to send proof of payment and he said no, it won't help all I do is make arrangements for you to pay..I said ok thanks anyway...he said good luck in court. I am assuming its a scam...I tried to look up a Accurate Collection agency in southern California but found none with a good phone number

Definitely a scam, simply ignore

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bingonut bingonut

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I too, received calls at work. I called these people back and they say I owe $850 for some payday loan that I never took out, going back over 5 years! When I said it's my right as a consumer to obtain written proof of said debt for validation, the woman refused to provide it, saying they already sent it to me. She then said "well I guess since you don't want to pay this over the phone today then I can't help you, so good luck to you" and hung up on me. This is a total scam. Too bad they continue to harass me and my employer and I can't get them to stop. I've even filed complaints with the FTC and my state atty general's office.

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They called my sister-in-law first stating the guy was a private investigator and that I was in trouble. He was rude and then when I called they would not give me a mailing address or any info. What a crock! I work for attorneys. I know places do not call and make threats, they send you documentation or serve you!

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I had the same thing happen to me on 10/17/2013, they called my friend, my mom, and my place of work. Using the same threat tactics and such. Only my stupid butt gave my credit card information at first scheduling a time when they could take the funds. I am going to the bank tomorrow to have my account frozen. They also would not provide me with any information..

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I do acknowledge a loan I defaulted on. Got the first call from an "Unavailable" company, and the person would not give his name nor who he worked for. He also called my son and grandson before calling me. He referred me to Accurate with a name, number and file reference. The man I spoke to told me paper work was prepared to serve me with fraud unless I paid the loan off now. Should have known it was a scam when he said they would settle for a third of the loan. Dumb me gave my debit card number. In the mean time I e-mail an attorney I have been working with who checked it out and said Accurate was a scam and not to talk with them. Went to my bank and voided one debit card for a new one. I called this accurate and infored them I knew it was a scam and payment would not be made. They called me left a messages that they were revoking the hold and I would be served. I left a message that they were never to call me again, and attorney researched them and found them to be a fraud and not to answer their calls. I also informed them if they continued to harass me with arrest I would sue.

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I can top this scam. I got a call this week from someone with a heavy Indian accent saying that he was from the "US Dept of Medical Awards" and I was getting a grant because I was pregnant 10 years ago and took Yazmin!! (This was news to my youngest daughter who is 24, lol). When I started laughing, he said "didn't you take the birth control??" I told him he was a thief, not to call me again, and hung up.

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bingonut bingonut

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I am being threatened by a company called Accurate. They say that they are sending a locator to my employment to serve me papers. There is nothing that I owe. Is this a scam? Will they send someone to my employment? How do you get them to stop?

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I have taken a loan with cash n go a couple months ago,I forgotten about. They sold it to,two different collections nothing was notified to me. Now im being harassed at home and my employment for it,tell me I need to pay them with a prepaid visa or mastercard or I will be served papers.they call themselves. Global litigation firm. 1-866-941-7549. Is this a scam?

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global is a complete you said a couple of months ago right.that seems like not much time at all for a place to sell a debt.are you sure it was only two months ago.

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