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My place of business, my mom and my cell phone all got calls from a VIOPphone # 5133794543...a Stephanie Clark stating they have legal paperwork and to call a 18779054335 to arrange payments today because I have been notified and served. So I call them (expecting it to be a scam) and the guy, McKenzie, states I owe $800 to a payday loan from back in Jan and that if I do not pay today, then I will be taken to court. I ask for his name and address of the company and he said they do not give out that information....because of the nature of business they are in but they are located in southern California. I said I paid that payday loan (only the amount I borrowed) and told them I would not pay any more because they are illegal, etc. etc....I told him I paid them and he said they said I had not made any I said can I have your email or mailing address to send proof of payment and he said no, it won't help all I do is make arrangements for you to pay..I said ok thanks anyway...he said good luck in court. I am assuming its a scam...I tried to look up a Accurate Collection agency in southern California but found none with a good phone number

Cash n go is actually a legal lender in most states, but with that being said, Paul is right about Global being a scam. If you agree that you owe this loan, then I would get an address from Global and send payments to them via money order. My fear for you is that if you are in a state where Cash n Go is legal, they could take you to civil, not criminal court. And no, noone is going to come to arrest you, but if this is your debt, you need to arrive at an agreement that you can live with,

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kscornell kscornell
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My parents who are in their mid 70's and live 850 miles away are receiving calls from a debt collector called Accurate. I called them and they said something about I loan I took with Check 'n' Go. I asked where they were based because I want to send them a cease and desist letter. They said Denver. I can't find them through the internet. Does anyone have their address or communication information?

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I have been contact by both companies. They have the same "MO" using locaters, 866 number to call with claim#, they are not the collection agency, blah, blah, blah. They seem like the same people. Is there not some way to stop these *#%holes???!!! On both of the loans they say I "owe" -- I have paid back the principal amount 4 times over.

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Kat Kat

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Many of these companies call forward to US numbers so it looks like they are in the US, but I am convinced that the majority of these call centers are overseas. If they are harassing you about a debt that you don't owe or have paid off, or threaten you with arrest, do NOT give them a penny, HANG UP, call your local police department and FTC. The sooner they realize they are not going get paid, the sooner they will move on.

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kscornell kscornell
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