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Are telecheck and TRS Recovery the same? Are they a collection agency? Do they need to follow the fdcpa? They've called 3 times since 12/26, nothing in writing yet. Don't know what they're talking about. I don't have a checking account. Did not identify themselves as a collection agency. :roll:

They look to be the same company. Lots of complaints filed against TRS Recover. I Googled them and found this.

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LoneGunman LoneGunman

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Scooter, please do a search in the above box. You can read about other members experiences with trs as well as telecheck.

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kashzan kashzan

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If they are collecting on behalf of another company and their sole source of business is doing such they are a a collection agency by legal definition and thusly bound by fdcpa. When they first contact you they have 5 days to send you the standard dunning letter. Once they have verified your identity they must give you the standard mini miranda notice (this communication is from a debt collector, any information obtained will be used for this purpose)

They have already violated the FDCPA on a couple of counts here.

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We have been receiving annoying automated messages on our voicemail for the past month. The words are inaudible and a number left isnt even a phone number. Today I answered the phone and a TRS representative asked for someone, name sounded like my husband's name but still unsure who they are asking for, she wouldnt tell me who they were or what they wanted. We have no idea what this company wants or who they are. We also have not recieved any kind of correspondence in the mail either. We have excellent credit and have never written a bad check. Don't get this at all but I must thank the person that provided the TRS phone numbers - we can now block those calls and not be annoyed anymore - hopefully! Thanks!

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Here's a good one for one. After bouncing a check, I received a letter from TRS and paid the check. 2 months later I receive a letter informing me they are charging me $50 service fee for that service. This I understand. About 12 hours after I opened their letter, they withdrew the $50 out of my bank account without my knowledge or consent. I did not even have time to call them and speak to someone! I was told if they are collecting a debt on behalf of another party, they can do that. But the other party has already been paid--they were acting on their own behalf. Is this not illegal??? Who can I speak with at TRS or telecheck???????

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they charged me twice for a check through them, the second time i put a stop on it, so they threatened me, and i had to provide them with receipts, and bank statements, its takes me about 4 months, and they finally today sent me a letter today saying I owe them a $25n service charge for them messing up, it is a lot cheaper than the $400 some odd dollars the check was for, so im now fighting with them about this

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Telecheck/TRS suck they have no professionals that I know of working and the Houston BBB is lacking in communications on this matter. Seems like they don't care one way or another. Thats pretty bad.

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