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For the past 3 days, I have received numerous calls from 401-223-3248. They are calling my work on 2 different lines, my home, my cell & even my parents. No matter if the call goes to voice mail or if I answer the call, it is a recording. It states that it's trying to contact me to inform me I am being served for fraud. I actually returned the call yesterday. When you call, the first thing you hear is a recording that the call is being recorded & then a lady answered. They never stated their company name or their personal name. I gave the lady the case number they left on my message & when she pulled me up, she started asking me for my SS#. I told her that I would not be giving that out. She told me what the last 2 digits of my number are!! So obviously she has my information. I told her right then & there that I wanted a debt validation letter sent via US mail to my home address. She then asked me what that was. I told her that if she had plans to serve me at my home or place of business, she should have that already & that I was not giving her any personal information. She then told me that these papers would be served & to have a nice day. She then hung up on me. Today, I answered the 1st call immediately & the message today states that they need to verify my employment & home address to serve papers. I know that this is a complete scam & I have reported them to the FTC. Can anyone tell me whatelse I should be doing about this harassement??

I have been dealing with the same situations for the past month. The company they claim to have purchased debt from is not licensed in my state and has received the principle back and then some. I am unsure how to stop these harassing calls which are embarrassing and distracting. I hope we can find help!

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lizzieJ lizzieJ

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Stop answering the phone and simply ignore.

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bingonut bingonut

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I agree with bingonut. If you don't know the number, don't answer it. What you need to understand is when you take out online payday loans, your information gets sold over and over and over again. You will get all kinds of phone calls from all kinds of scamers. NEVER give out any information over the phone. Legit collection agencies that have your account will either send you something in the mail and/or place it on your credit report. When and if that day comes you just simply DV them.

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momofthree27 momofthree27

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I went through the same thing with my payday loans. I finally let the calls go to voice mail and never returned them. Your family should do the same. Eventually they'll stop because they won't get anything from you. A legitimate collector will validate the debt.

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aubrey aubrey
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Let all calls go to voicemail and determine which is worthy of return call.

Report all scam call also to your local police department.

In the beginning stages of my illegal payday loans, I was getting many calls from many various numbers including the Bahamas.

Just remember,train your coworker,bosses, friends/family what to say when someone ask for you.. Tell them CEASE and DESIST from ever calling the number and if they call back that you will report them to AG, FDCPA and FTC.

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Anna Anna

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