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Does anyone know who this is and how to make them stop? They have called my cell and work. Leave a message saying my name and I need to call the phone number because of a summons or garnishment against me. I have no idea who they are but I need them to stop. when you try to call the number the answering machine picks up saying its full.. Please help!

Seems to be a scam. Talk to the customer care officer of the telephone company and block the number.

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Left an automated recording on my voice mail at my job. I knew it was a scam. It was something about contacting my employer and a restraining order. Please do not contact these people or provide them any of your personal information. This is a scam. If you return their phone call it will only assist them in contacting you in the future. Many people who receive these calls have been contacted by other companies with the same scam. This is because these companies are purchasing your personal information for pennies. If you have ever applied for loans or anything online they have the ability to contact you. It is quite aggravating hearing these vm on your business phone by people who are probably walking around in their robes, slippers, and drinking malt liquor. Don't be afraid... the joke is really on them. Look at how many people recognize that this is a scam. I am thankful that everyone is keeping the number updated but eventually there will be a new number with a new company. Stay encouraged!

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