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I too have been recieving calls from this company from a guy called Richard Hazel , he told me if I do not come up with the money by 11 tomorrow I will be charged with Civil Fraud of a Contract and go to jail. He says I owe the money to a cash store which I do but do not have the money to pay them back at this time he says all jy assests will be froze and any bank accounts I have...which I don't have either tried to make arragements to pay a sum each month he said wasn't good enough ...Does anyone know if he can do this he has me very upset it's not that I don't want to pay just have no funds to do so right now.What do I do.

Quit worrying....debts are civil, not criminal. He is handing you pile of trash just to scare you into paying. Stay off the phone and report him to your local police department, your state AG office and the FTC.

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