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Information for all of you dealing with these low life criminals................

Check Administration Services, also known as Dept. of Check Administration.(to sound scary on the phone)
I got their address from the New York Secretary of State office. It is 167 Ashland Avenue, Buffalo, New York, 14222. This is a residential neighborhood. Not sure if they operate out of their basement, or if this is just a fake(front) address. GoogleMap it and you will see. The phone number they use is 1-888-412-1850. They have only been around since March. They are a standard debt collection agency, and CANNOT ARREST YOU!

Here is a list of some of their illegal tactics:

Call your family to imply that you are a criminal, and that you are going to go to jail if you don't pay up. Tell you that you are being charged with some sort of bad check crime. Impersonate a lawyer and threaten a lawsuit. Impersonate a government official and threaten that you are going to prison. Call you early in the morning against fdcpa rules. Harass you verbally on the phone. Trick your caller ID into saying the call is being received from a courthouse or sheriff office. Individual employees use fake names.
Threaten that charges are "being filed" when in truth they intend not to take the action they are threatening, whether they can or can't anyway. Call you even though they are aware you have filed for bankruptcy. Flat out lie about your case. If they have done anything like what i just listed, they are breaking laws and FDCPA rules.

Here is what you can do to report them or sue them.

(1st and foremost try to obtain any evidence you can. Phone messages, written statements from family they have called, letters they have sent you, even recorded phone conversations with them.)

The most important person to contact is Karen at the New York Attorney General's office. She is the SR. in charge of consumer fraud. Her phone number is (716) 853-8400. She is very knowledgeable and friendly, and already aware of this company.
Next you should file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Their phone number is (877)382-4357. Reference this case number, 19331109.
Next if your caller ID is showing anything other than unknown, private, New York, or Check Administration Service, than you should contact the FCC about this. Contact them at their website and file a complaint.

And finally, here is the attorney you should contact about filing a lawsuit. She is aware of this company and the illegal tactics they use, and ideally is located in Buffalo along with this company. Her name is Andrea Schillaci, and her phone number is (716)849-8900. It should only cost you about $200 to get your lawsuit rolling. If you guys need any more info, just post your questions and I will reply. GOOD LUCK!

great info,you should register. :D 8)

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I dont know what experience you had with this organization but they have been nothing but helpful. I was caught up with several checks i wrote to loan orgs and they showed me how to clear them up. Provided me with accurate documentation and i was able to open up a checking account without any problems when it was said and done. Not only that they assisted me in clearing up my credit.... Nothing but good things to say about this company.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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1st person i've ever seen have anything good to say about this company. something tells me you work for them, and are trying to improve their image, Satisfied.

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Recently, someone contacted me claiming to be giving a courtesy call from the Sheriff's office regarding my father. She stated that my name had been given as a reference and that two charges were pending toward my father. She said that he would face an attempt to defraud a financial institution and theft due to a bad check. If he did not contact Check Administration Services immediately, a summons would be sent to his home or work.

He did contact them and they demanded that all money be paid in full without delay and that no payment plan would be accepted.

All of this allegedly occurred three years ago. No notices were ever sent to my father. Additionally, when I contacted this company and demanded a statement, they sent a piece-mealed letter. It did not have my father's correct last name nor was his address correct.

A lot of information was left in a voice message to me. Are these types of companies even allowed to leave such detailed messages to those other than the debtor?

I do not want to see my father go to jail or court, but the whole situation has me feeling skeptical. I cannot believe that a collection agency would demand full payment upon the initial contact. They do not have any solid proof that the debt is owed. I asked for a copy of the check, but representative got combative and said corporate has it and the court has it. I could request it from there. I don't know. Whenever I asked for a website, they said they did not have one.

They never told me the county in which they allegedly filed the summons. Additionally, whenever I try to research this company, I come up empty. However, whenever I research their address, I come up with about 3 different companies other than the Check one.

We are not even on the East Coast. This is stressing me out because I am worried about my Dad. Even if he does owe it, which I am not sure of at this point, how can I find out if a complaint has been filed with the court?

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what do these people collect for?

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lmale lmale

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They said they collect for Check and Go or something like that.

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how much is still owed to check-n-go?what they did is against the will not be arrested for owing a pdl.debts are civil
matters not criminal ones.also what state are you in?that being said,send a DV and C&D letters,send them certified mail return receipt.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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as i said in my original message, these people are nothing but low life frauds! don't cower down to them. you really need to contact Karen at the NY attorney generals office. them contacting you about your father is against the law, then throw in the threats of jail and false claims of summons, and you've got a case against them. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!! CONTACT KAREN AT THE NY ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE!!! I guarantee you i am the person that know the most about this company in the world(other than the frauds that work there). And I know best about all the illegal things they are doing. Contact Karen and file a complaint, if i get the message out to enough people, and they all file a complaint, this company will be shut down and the owners will more than likely go to jail. the reason they act the way the do towards you( threats, illegal activities, etc...) is because no one was ever able to track them down, so no one could ever sue them! but now you have all their information(POWER) to go get these guys, so i suggest you do so, for the sake of your fellow countrymen.

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(I won't back down!) sounds to me like you have to much time on your hands which makes perfect sense seeing that you right bad checks for a living, defaulting loan companies by not paying them back so you can pay for your drug habbit and TVs and maybe even the computer your using to right this crap and not keep your job at Arbys. Good luck getting these guys and I hope the courts come down on you hard!

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